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Hi there, I’m Sarah, founder of PureFemPower!

I’m a full-hearted midwife, working part-time in a hospital, and doing my master’s degree. Currently living in Switzerland, I’m confronted with one of the most developed health care systems this century has to offer. Nevertheless, and maybe due to this level of care, many women I meet during my work do not rely on their basic instincts, their primal knowledge and their motherly feelings. In a world full of new technologies and a lot of different opinions on personal topics, it is even harder to focus on oneself and not get all these beliefs to overrule the gut instincts we forgot we have.
My aim is to support all of you wonderful people out there to listen to your feelings, belief in your instincts and combine them with this excellent modern medicine and state of the art science we have today. Be strong, be confident in yourself and speak up for your inner voice because some ancient time ago, this knowledge and voice were all we had to survive, and see how far we came with that. I believe in a world where doctors, midwives and all the important health professions work together to ensure the best health care possible for parents and newborns, whilst not forgetting mother nature.


"empowerment comes through knowledge"

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